Tina Griego: Reflections on Richmond

June 17, 2016

Tina Griego wrote for Richmond Magazine, covering some the stories of people and places around Richmond. She’ll be moving out to Colorado sometime soon. In her final piece for the magazine she reflects on her time in Richmond, capturing the beauty, the brokenness and the complexity that is Richmond:

“I have never witnessed so plainly the devastating modern consequences of historic policies that quarantined the poor and black. Neither have I lived in a place so abundant in natural and architectural splendor. I will miss the cobblestoned alleys and the dogwood trees. I will miss the wide, rocky tumble of the James through the city, and the view from Libby Hill. I will miss walking through the Museum District when the late afternoon sun gilds the rooftops.

In this old city, in its restlessness and ache and contrariness, there exists something of an adolescent ever torn between rebellion and conformity, aspiration and cynicism. For all its financial lack, for the rooted shortsightedness that hampers regional consensus and action, this is a city pulsing with potential. So much of that lies in its inhabitants.”     — Tina Griego


You can check out the full story here. We wish you well, Tina.

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