NYT: 36 Hours in Richmond

September 30, 2016

We made national news again, ya’ll.

The New York Times published a guide on how to spend 36 hours in Richmond. I can send this to my mom, as if to say, “Hey, come visit! It’s cool.” And then, as an aside, drop the hint that she could move here. And then feel conflicted about whether that would be a good situation for everyone. Get over yourself, Blaine! Just move here already, mom! Pull quote:

“Richmond has traditionally had a genteel, understated nature. More recently, a new Richmond has emerged, with ambitious college students and diverse residents moving into historic spaces; a restaurant scene that gets better every month…With the James River as an anchor, Richmond reveals a stark natural beauty that, no matter the season, offers a distinctive urban charm and vibrancy.”

Yeah, I’ll say. Not a bad time to be in Richmond.

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