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May 8, 2015



This was a big week for the startup scene in Richmond. Steve Case, co-founder of AOL, was in town with his Rise of the Rest Tour. Right now, 75% of U.S. venture capital  goes to California, New York, or Massachusetts. This tour aims to reverse the investment disparity by highlighting start-up communities around the country and hosting a startup competition in each city. Winner gets $100,000 from Case himself.  WealthForge took home the top prize this year. Check out this brief overview from Southern Alpha.

Collaboration is like riding a bus. You may not get to pick the route, food, or snacks; you may have to wait for other people; and you just might be crammed a little together. But on the bus, you have conversations you might not otherwise…and you’re working together for a common purpose.

–Ross Baird, Southern Alpha

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