#31 Allison Jackson

Allison Jackson is an expert on how childhood trauma affects people. She defines what trauma is and why understanding it is so important. She reflects on her own story of becoming whole, the passion that drives her work and the importance of human connection to healing. Dr. Jackson also reflects on how the stories we tell ourselves shape the role we play, with an eye for what it might look like for a neighborhood or a city to tell a new story.


#14 Craig Dodson [Redux]

*We’re re-airing one of our favorite conversations while Blaine and Chris are still dadding pretty hard. Craig has been busy since we sat down to talk. He made CNN Heroes Top 10 in 2016 and continues to lend a helpful voice to what happens with young people in public housing.

Craig Dodson is a bike guy. He runs Richmond Cycling Corps, an organization that works with youth from public housing– training them in the art of competitive cycling and helping them navigate life. Craig shares about the ways his father shaped him, the first time he visited Creighton Court and how he’s seen Richmond grow.


CNN HEROES : http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/19/us/cnn-hero-craig-dodson/index.html

RTD : http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/why-do-teens-keep-getting-murdered-in-richmond-inside-the/article_b1c0b104-1e1f-580c-b541-b58c47cd3e99.html

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#30 Chris + Blaine

Blaine hosts the show and Chris handles the technical stuff behind the scenes. They talk about how and why Two People became a thing, along with their favorite episodes and moments. They make dumb jokes and share some mistakes they’ve made along the way. The show will be on break for a few months because Chris and Blaine are both becoming dads.

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#29 Juliellen Sarver

Juliellen Sarver is the Community Relations Manager at Stone Brewing. But she lived in Fulton for years before the brewery came to town. She shares about her love for cities, the history of Fulton and the importance of neighborhood engagement. We talk about beer things: What brought Stone to Richmond, their partnerships with other local breweries and what we can expect from the new restaurant that’s coming to the Riverfront. Hint: it shall be glorious.


#28 Barbara Given

Barbara Given owns Stoplight Gelato Cafe in Jackson Ward. She talks about how the gelato shop became a reality after losing her son to cancer and how the community helped bring it to life. Barb also sheds some light on her early days growing up in a railroad family, her career in education, and where her tenacity comes from. She even shares her thoughts on the end of life. At 81, Barb is still going strong. 

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#27 Dwight Jones

Dwight Jones is the Mayor of the City of Richmond. He reflects on his early days, including a cross-country train ride with his parents and the first date he went on after moving to Richmond. We talk schools, baseball, Redskins training camp and how economic development is connected to poverty alleviation. He looks back at his last 8 years in office and offers some advice for the future.

#26 Brian Cannon

Tired of the polarized politics? If so, Brian Cannon is your guy. He runs an organization called OneVirginina2021, aimed at redistricting reform. He shares a bit about his personal story– how he made the shift from high school football to student government, how he used music to teach high school history and about his tenure as Mark Warner’s body man. We dive deep into the nuts and bolts of gerrymandering (27:50). Then Blaine challenges Brian to a mock debate (41:10). One Note: This episode was recorded before the election, but is still relevant after it. Democracy shall endure.


#25 Jack Berry

Jack Berry is the former Director of Venture Richmond and he’s running for mayor. He reflects on how his parents example of service in Lynchburg shaped him. He talks about what it was like in his early days working in the city of Richmond and what he accomplished as the Administrator in Hanover County. Jack shares his vision for what our city can be and about the time he drove a bus in college.

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